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How do we judge the future of the road transportation sector?

2023-08-24 14:39:01


For the road transportation sector, the principle of judging a new thing: whether your road operation model can improve the efficiency by more than 20% to 30%;

Principles for judging a new thing for the road transportation sector:

Whether your road operation model can improve the efficiency by more than 20%~30%;

Or master more than 60% of the traffic entrance;

The new road transportation combination mode no matter what method is used: the efficiency must be increased to more than 20%~30%, otherwise it is simply impossible to shake the original industry chain.

As the logistics chain is too complicated: should be bid, receipt, sub-transfer, distribution, collection, bill of return, billing period; if this combination of methods is too difficult, then go to catch the traffic, traffic in the hands, take it to redistribute and combine, form a scale, and improve the efficiency to more than 20% ~ 30%.

The road transportation sector is a basic industry, and to determine whether a business model makes sense, it should have the following conditions:


Innovation in the field of logistics is to make efficiency continuously improve, marginal cost continuously reduce, so it is related to the scale effect. So that the scale is concentrated at one point, and then integrated to generate profits; such as vehicle-cargo matching, but the B-side characteristics of the logistics market still have a series of problems such as trust, settlement, insurance, etc., and the integration of a long way to go;


Road transportation has the principle of network effect radiation. More stores and front-end to facilitate the pooling of sources of goods, improve service, but the cost of building a network makes it prohibitive, so it produces a franchise system with Chinese characteristics, but the franchise system in terms of service quality control and the lack of control;


Success in one location is not the same as full blossom, the road transportation sector needs to successfully replicate its products and services in different geographical areas. Regional barriers mean restrictions on the business model, which is directly related to the impression of the previous life of road transportation, relying on the fight, kill, fight, grab the territory of the tactics to accumulate the first bucket of gold, the formation of regional barriers;

Through different perspectives, road transport enterprises are constantly trying: such as transport full in the vehicle information to try, symbiosis in the tax stamps to try, card line in the distribution center to try, one meter in the integration to try, is wide pass in the landing on the distribution to try;

The purpose is the same. First of all in the source of information to find ways to make the car and cargo accurate matching, to improve efficiency, and secondly, due to a point in the logistics chain of goods will be pooled, then you can improve the efficiency of the node, if the operation can not improve the efficiency, then in the financial, tax stamps, information on the way to find ways;

Trial and error in small steps is right, stay put is wrong, the problem is that you have no trial and error costs, everyone is financing, than the cost of trial and error; can not carry the retreat, a little hope of refinancing.

The reason why there is no development of highway special line, the core problem of special line to do is the B side of the business, the domestic express delivery is mainly C-end business, especially e-commerce C-end business, and road transportation business is mainly B side of the business; B relative to the needs of the C side of the general will be more stringent and more professional;

C-end individuals belong to a weak position, the quality of service for the courier can not be assessed, the delivery frequency is low, while the B-end delivery frequency is high, the quality of service requirements are high, there is a certain threshold for the cost of capital advances, for quality control KPI assessment indicators.

B-side customer information mutual communication between each other, but a major problem in a region, it will affect all the goods in the region; B-side customers towards the three twilight, the cost of the first, the customer big bully you, unlimited billing period;

Can't form products, can't increase geometrically, maintain customers one by one, and accidentally be warped by others; this is the status quo of road transportation enterprises;


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